The perfect pot for every preparation

The passion for food and the magic of flavors have led us to a level of demand that has allowed us to evolve and learn throughout this beautiful career such as cooking, cooking with passion.

We love to see the satisfied face of a diner, that is why every day we demand more of ourselves, we leave everything in the pans and on the fire so that you can enjoy the fruit of this beautiful work.

We guarantee you an experience on your palate that will surely make you dream of coming back again and again. During the last 4 years we have made an effort not only to guarantee a unique experience during your stay, but we also want to leave an explosion of flavors that will inspire you to try all our exquisite variety of dishes.

Our bases are fresh and local products, some organic and planted in our wonderful Sierra Nevada, cultivated by our natives and sometimes by older brothers, who come down with their products in order to market them and / or do the traditional bartering.

We have an extensive menu, Caribbean and local food, and specialists in seafood. Dishes and flavors for all tastes. Don't worry about your little ones' food, our menu is also designed for them.

Our restaurant is open to the public, you can enter with your pet and your whole family, we have no restrictions for your visit.


    7:00am a 10:00am

    12:00 pm to 10:00 pm



    (57) 314 794 29 70

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