Palomino and Surroundings

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All tourist activities are operated by third parties and the hostel only provides information from operators in the area, therefore, it is not responsible for delays, cancellations, damages or other events that may occur before, during, or after the execution of the activities. themselves.

The beach does not have lifeguards and the guest swims in the sea at their own risk and responsibility.


Tayrona Park - Cabo San Juan Meet one of the most beautiful places in Santa Marta. The Tayrona National Natural Park in the Cabo San Juan sector. You will visit beaches such as Arrecife, the natural pool, sand and finally Cabo San Juan. This plan is ideal for family outings or groups of friends who wish to enjoy the wonders of nature, meet different species of fauna and flora, bathe in magnificent beaches and the relaxing panorama of an intensely blue sea. You have a walk of approximately 2 hours to Cabo San Juan and you return by the same route.


Descend in the float through the Palomino River, a journey of approximately 60 minutes. The ideal plan for friends and families. Finishing at the meeting of the Palomino river and the Sea (if you are lucky and there is a clear sky, it is possible to see the snowy peaks).


The Lost City tour is one of the most important treks that can be done in South America. You will discover amazing secrets that the Sierra Nevada hides in the middle of this mighty jungle and you will appreciate countless landscapes, lush vegetation and archaeological ruins. This excursion can usually be done in 4 or 5 days. * It is necessary to have a good physical condition since the walks are from 7 to 8 hours a day
Your tour and costs vary according to your choice.


A heavenly place located on the Guajira peninsula, it is undoubtedly a unique destination that no one should miss seeing. From there you can see beautiful sunsets worth remembering, as well as the green and blue contrast offered by its sea and the white and golden sand of the different beaches that are visited that make a unique and special contrast. Ideal for nature and adventure lovers

Your tour and costs vary according to your choice.


This is a heavenly place located on the Guajira peninsula, the northernmost point of South America. Its wonderful natural landscapes and culture make this place one of the most spectacular attractions in the world. It is ideal if you want a complete immersion in an indigenous culture, here the Wayuu live their culture, far from society in the middle of a wonderful desert that faces the Caribbean Sea and shows the greatness of this world

Your tour and costs vary according to your choice.